Proof of concept vs prototipo

Btw, uds como definen que es un Proof of Concept vs un Prototipo? @amekare @cfloreshine

Yo diría que un prototipo tiene algo funcionando de las funcionalidades del producto… La prueba de concepto no necesariamente, es como para validar la idea, algo de usabilidad pero no necesariamente funciona

En hacking se suele hablar mucho de PoC. La idea es demostrar la vulnerabilidad pero no explotarla.

mmmm ok ok sí tenés toda la razón un prototipo es más el, cómo las personas lo usarían, qué retos tiene el producto, etc. vs un PoC es más ¿esto es posible? jaja

Aquí tenés un texto sobre esto mismo, un poco lo que dijo Andrea pero más elaborado

"Invention and Inventions: What is the difference between a proof of concept and a prototype?
I am referring mostly to the tech sector, but it seems like these definitions sometimes get used interchangeably - is there a significant difference?
Robert Rapplean
Robert Rapplean, Software engineer, roboticist, philosopher, political analyst
Answered Jun 26, 2011
If you’re into software engineering then you might reference the difference between “unit tests” and “integration tests”, because they have the same relationship.

A proof of concept is a system designed purely to demonstrate the functionality of a single or small set of principles to be integrated into other systems. Real world usability isn’t even considered when creating a proof of concept because integration with other questionable technologies is not only time-consuming, but might dilute the ability to determine if the principle concept is viable.

A prototype is a first attempt at making something that might be real-world usable. It is presumed that you might get things wrong in the process, but finding that out is the principle purpose of a prototype. A prototype will have all (or nearly all) of the functionality of the finished product, but will generally not be as efficient, aesthetically pleasing, or durable."

Mmmm ok ok mae mil gracias :smiley: